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Steel Making Plant

25T /12 MVA, hydraullcally controlled Electric Arc Furnace with advanced feature of eccentric bottom tapping for slag free tapping of clean steel. Matching charging and teeming facilities with arrangement for charging selected moisture free scrap, automated carbon injection and oxygen lancing with metal temperature monitoring system.

Secondary Refining

25T/ 6 MVA Ladle Refining Furnace with facilities for preheated Ferro alloys addition for optimum hydrogen control, Ca-Si cored wire feeding for improved morphology control of inclusions with logic controlled hydraulic operations for optimum control over quality. Equipped with temperature monitoring and hot metal weighing system.

PLC controlled Automated Vacuum Degassing system with six stage steam ejector capable of achieving 1 m Bar in 6 minutes, equipped with Siemens PLC: S-7-300 along with Scada software.

Teeming Facilities

Equipped with crane weighing scale, 60 / 15T Crane, Pit casting and 100% bottom pouring facilities. Extreme care is taken to avoid ingression of air by protected stream casting. Even the B P Refractories are preheated to eliminate any chances of hydrogen ingress.

Forge Shop

Well laid out fully integrated heavy Forge Shop, Heat Treatment Shop and Machine Shop with over 150 equipments, including CNC machines to produce 20,000 MTs / annum of machined heat treated forgings.

Future Plans

A heavy forge shop with 35MN Modern Press 30T Manipulator, to produce forgings upto 25T/pc, with matching Heal Treatment & Machining Facilities




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